Washington Rock Pre-Professional Programs

The Washington Rock Pre-Professional Dance Programs, which house the Washington Rock Ballet Company (WRB) and the Washington Rock Modern Company (MoCo), have adopted an innovative training program for dancers from ages seven to eighteen in classical/contemporary ballet as well as modern dance.

Training in the art of dance will provide an invaluable opportunity to learn and constantly improve upon important artistic and creative concepts not offered in the traditional academic classroom. The ability to invent, recall, categorize, analyze, and self-regulate during exercises enables dancers to develop a comprehension of the rate at which their mind processes information. Combining this cognitive skill training with the staff’s expansive anatomical and kinesthetic knowledge of a dancer’s body allows for an evaluative and prescriptive methodology. Each dancer is considered an individual when approaching anatomical strengths and weaknesses, as well as their particular process of learning new information.

Acceptance into the Washington Rock Pre-Professional Program is by personal invitation. Please contact us if you are interested in being considered.

Washington Rock Ballet

Founded in 2003, the Washington Rock Ballet Company (WRB) has offered amateur dancers, ages seven to eighteen, the special opportunity to work and dance alongside professionals in the field. Every holiday season for the last ten years, the Washington Rock Ballet Company has produced a full length, “Nutcracker.” This large scale production bestows the company members with the privilege to perform a full-length ballet in a professional theater while working with professional dancers from American Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and multiple contemporary and modern dance companies from the Metropolitan area.

The process of developing a ballet dancer is progressive and continual. WRB employs 5 levels of study, each requiring that physical and developmental benchmarks are met in order to progress to the next level.

Washington Rock Ballet meets for company class and rehearsals every Saturday from September to June. Level will be determined by the dancer’s age and ability following acceptance into the program.

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Washington Rock Modern Company (MoCo)

Founded in 2001, Washington Rock Modern Company, also known as MoCo, trains dancers ages nine to eighteen in modern technique, improvisation, and composition. Each year, MoCo produces an entirely original evening length work that explores the idea of creating big art through big concepts. The practice of offering students an opportunity to study a concept through evening length dance allows them develop life long skill sets and a deep understanding of ideas. The students are integral in the development of the concept from the infancy of the project. They help to create the movement language, develop characters, and help organize the over arching structure of the work.

The Washington Rock Modern Company bridges the gap between the pre-professional and professional dancers, by allowing MoCo members to dance alongside professionals throughout the year at various theatre and site-specific venues.

MoCo meets Wednesdays from September to June. Each dancer’s level is decided upon entrance into the company and is based upon age and ability.

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