Washington Rock Pre-Professional Programs

          The Washington Rock Pre-Professional Dance Programs, which house the Washington Rock Ballet Company (WRB) and the Washington Rock Modern Company (MoCo), have adopted an innovative training program for dancers from ages seven to eighteen in classical/contemporary ballet as well as modern dance.

            Training in the art of dance will provide an invaluable opportunity to learn and constantly improve upon important artistic and creative concepts not offered in the traditional academic classroom.  The ability to invent, recall, categorize, analyze, and self-regulate during exercises enables dancers to develop a comprehension of the rate at which their mind processes information. Combining this cognitive skill training with the staff’s expansive anatomical and kinesthetic knowledge of a dancer’s body allows for an evaluative and prescriptive methodology.  Each dancer is considered an individual when approaching anatomical strengths and weaknesses, as well as their particular process of learning new information.

          Acceptance into the Washington Rock Pre-Professional Program is by personal invitation.  Please contact us if you are interested in being considered.